API to connect to 3rd party delivery services

Besides managing own drivers Shipday facilitates to connect 3rd party delivery services like DoorDash, Postmates and many others on demand via API.


  1. Account under "Professional" plan
  2. Located inside the US
  3. Having a valid Credit Card info

Once you have met the above requirements, 3rd party delivery option can be enabled for your account. Currently, we are enabling this features manually. So, if you are interested in using these APIs and have the requirements fulfilled, please contact Shipday team to enable this feature.


  1. Insert order
  2. Get estimate from 3rd party service providers (Service availability, Price, Wait time etc.)
  3. Assign to a 3rd party service provider

However, you can skip the step 1 if you want to estimate the metrics without inserting the order. And in the assign API, send all the order details. In that scenario we will handle the task of order insertion.