Order hash array Array
Array of queried order objects with all available details

Child attributes of the queried order details object

orderId Integer
Unique identifier for this order

orderNumber String
Order reference of customer platform

companyId Integer
Identifier of the company to which this order belong

orderItem String
Order items Json string, holding order info

accepted Boolean
Boolean value to indicate if the order is accepted

placementTime String
Order placement time (the sortable format)

requestedPickupTime String
Requested order pickup time (the sortable format)

requestedDeliveryTime String
Requested order delivery time (the sortable format)

assignedTime String
Carrier Assigned time (the sortable format)

startTime String
Starting time of the order of the carrier (the sortable format)

pickedupTime String
Picked up time for the order of the carrier (the sortable format)

arrivedTime String
Arrival time for the order of the carrier (the sortable format)

deliveryTime String
Delivery Time for the order (the sortable format)

failedDeliveryTime String
Failed Delivery time for the order (if failed) (the sortable format)

deliveryNote String
Delivery note for the order

deliveryInstruction String
Delivery Instruction for the order.

dispatcherNote String
Note form the dispatcher

paymentMethod String
Payment Method

orderSource String
Order Source for the order

incomplete Boolean
Indication, if the order is incomplete

orderTotal Double
Total payable amount for the order

deliveryFee Double
Delivery Fee for the order

tip Double
Tip amount for the order

discount Double
Discount amount for the order

tax Double
Tax amount for the order

driverPayment Double
Driver payment for the order

distance Double
Calculated distance between Pickup and Delivery address

carrier Hash
Carrier details info

pickup Hash
Pickup details info

delivery Hash
Delivery details info

status `String
Current Status of the order

For more reference, please check Delivery Order Objects.

Supported Status Enum values
Note: ACTIVE orders are those which are neither ALREADY_DELIVERED nor FAILED_DELIVERY nor INCOMPLETE

Note: All datetimes are in UTC ISO format